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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does what you do differ from...
What will I learn?
How do you teach when there are different levels in a class?
I have no martial arts experience.
Do you spar or compete?
Do you grapple or teach submissions?
Will I get a workout training here?
Do you offer private classes?
I just want a short self-defense class.
Tell me about your self-defense seminars.
I see a lot about "women's self defense" - what is it?

What will I learn?

Youth: Playground self defense, situation recognition, kata, judo throws, coordination exercises. The youth learn the same basic techniques as the adults, but detuned, and there are no weapons defenses involved. (More details on this program are available at the link.)

Juniors: More advanced responses to attacks, continued improvement of skills learned in the youth class. Weapons defenses are introduced as students near entry to the adult class, as the juniors class is also intended as a bridge to that class. (More details on this program are available at the link.)

Adults: Where to begin?! You learn to defend against various iterations of these attacks from your first day on the mat.

checkmark knife attacks
checkmark knife threats
checkmark gun stickups
checkmark armed and unarmed grabs and chokes
checkmark kicks
checkmark armed and unarmed attacks while on the ground
checkmark lower-intensity attacks and threats, which don't require as drastic a response
checkmark unscripted knife attacks and multiple assailants (higher-level students)

You also learn control techniques for less-threatening situations.

Adults also learn to do judo throws formally, as well as our style's kata, but the majority of the time is spent on self defense.