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We respect the privacy of the children who train with us, and thus do not post pictures of the youth classes.
You are more than welcome to drop by and observe or have your child participate in a class.

The juniors class is for those youth who have been training for some time and have moved beyond the fundamentals offered in the youth class, but who are not psychologically ready to deal with the harsher tactics taught in the adult class and do not meet the age requirement for the latter. These students will have shown dedication to learning, as well as self-discipline, safety consciousness and personal responsibility, before entering this class at the discretion of the instructors. Here they will continue to refine their focus, techniques, and knowledge of the art. There is no sparring.

This class does not replace the youth class; students in the juniors class still attend that class, both to reinforce their training and to serve as models for the more junior students.

Good values and character development are an integral part of our training program. The disciplined training emphasizes respect for self and others, and we also see our students' focus, self-discipline, confidence and self-esteem increase both on and off the mat.

Parents are always welcome to watch our classes and to discuss our program with the other parents whose children attend. Enrollments are ongoing, so you can join at any time of the month.

Our policy on earning a black belt.