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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does what you do differ from...
What will I learn?
How do you teach when there are different levels in a class?
I have no martial arts experience.
Do you spar or compete?
Do you grapple or teach submissions?
Will I get a workout training here?
Do you offer private classes?
I just want a short self-defense class.
Tell me about your self-defense seminars.
I see a lot about "women's self defense" - what is it?

Do you spar or compete?

No. Sparring and competition have rules designed to prevent injury; a real-world attack has no rules, and most of our defenses are designed to disable a real-world attacker. (We are VERY careful about safety in class.) You will, however, practice defending live against unscripted attacks by single and multiple attackers as you move up in rank, while keeping your fellow students uninjured. You will also learn anti-harassment and restraining techniques for situations in which a more drastic response is neither required nor justified.