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I hold dan rank in another style.
How long will it take me to earn my black belt?
I'm not interested in belt ranks - can't I just train?

How long will it take me to earn my black belt?

Ju-Jitsu Dojo of Columbia uses a belt ranking system, and does not award a black belt to students under the age of 18. The youth and juniors who train with us do, however, keep the rank they have earned in those classes when they move to the adult class at age 14, where they are taught the more severe tactics of combat ju-jitsu.

Since our intent is to make our students proficient in real-world self defense, we do not have a program guaranteeing a black belt within a fixed period of time. Advancement in rank depends on your dedication to the art. The more often you come, the more ingrained the techniques become in your muscle memory. A student who comes regularly may be able to earn a first-degree black belt within three and a half to four years.

If you hold dan rank in another style, we very much respect that, but we need you to be familiar with our curriculum; this has been the policy since Ju-Jitsu Dojo of Columbia was founded in 1990. A number of individuals who hold rank in other styles (including dan ranks and a menkyo kaiden) have trained with us and earned dan rank.

In our 30 years, we had:
combat hanbo
shodans: 58 5
nidans: 20 1
sandans: 7