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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does what you do differ from...
What will I learn?
How do you teach when there are different levels in a class?
I have no martial arts experience.
Do you spar or compete?
Do you grapple or teach submissions?
Will I get a workout training here?
Do you offer private classes?
I just want a short self-defense class.
Tell me about your self-defense seminars.
I see a lot about "women's self defense" - what is it?

I have no martial arts experience.

Neither do many of the people who train with us. The curriculum at the basic level is based on fairly simple, straightforward responses to common attacks - responses which are easily learned and quickly assimilated into your muscle memory. Even the more advanced responses are fairly straightforward, because your goal is to get free of your attacker and leave, not to get involved in complicated, time-consuming actions which will give him openings to respond and his friends time to arrive and help him.