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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does what you do differ from...
What will I learn?
How do you teach when there are different levels in a class?
I have no martial arts experience.
Do you spar or compete?
Do you grapple or teach submissions?
Will I get a workout training here?
Do you offer private classes?
I just want a short self-defense class.
Tell me about your self-defense seminars.
I see a lot about "women's self defense" - what is it?

Do you grapple or teach submissions?

We prefer to stay on our feet when defending ourselves, but realize that we may end up on the ground for various reasons. With that in mind, we train to defend against a variety of attacks on the ground. Our goal is to get back up, where we have far more options for defense.

"Submissions" are for sport, and are holds intended to make the opponent acknowledge that he is immobilized, so that points are scored. An attacker isn't doing so for sport. That said, we do teach control pins (preferably standing) for situations in which you cannot leave, but may have to hold an attacker for law enforcement or to enable others to leave the area safely. Such pins are used only in one-on-one situations.