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Ju-Jitsu Dojo of Columbia inventory
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Zebra mats, tatami texture, non-skid bottom
1 meter x 2 meters x 1.5" = 2 sq m
(3'3" x 6'6" x 1.5" = apx 21.5 sq ft)

see next entry for oak framing kit

16 mats

how to lay Zebra mats

$100 each
Zebra currently sells these for just under $140, not including s/h
oak mat framing kit for Zebra mats (see previous entry), with tapcon screws and oak screw hole caps
2 kits
35' of framing in each kit
$90 per kit
Zebra currently sells these for $149 each, not including s/h
lightweight gis, new - two size 000 (55 cotton/45 poly)
- one size 0 (55 cotton/45 poly)
- three size 4 (two 55 cotton/45 poly, one 100% cotton)
- size 000: $26.50
- size 0: $26.50
- size 4: $53.00
prices include tax
hakama, black, size small, new
$84.80 (incl tax)
belts - plain and striped - 100 plain (asstd sizes/colors)
- 31 striped (asstd sizes/colors)
- 28 white belts (asstd sizes, all but a handful new)
solid: $2 each
striped: $3 each
100% cotton judogis black: one uniform, size 6, looks very new

white: 5 uwagi, 8 zubon
most are size 6, there may be a couple size 5 (?) zubon

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previously worn, donated to the dojo
hakama, black, nice koshi ita
XL, has been hemmed, could be let out
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previously worn, donated to dojo