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Gun takeaways do work
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In our classes you taught us how to take guns away but I didn't really know how to shoot one. My dad loved to shoot, so we made a deal. I'd learn how to shoot from him (how to release the safety, etc.) and then he had a rubber gun (just like dojo) that he used for teaching concealed carry classes that I could use to show him gun takeaways.

When it came my turn, I said, "Ok, hold the rubber gun out and just take your finger out of the trigger for demonstration purposes. Now, all I have to do is... (twist, fake stomp, turn) and now I have the gun. You want to try?" He wouldn't let me do any more, and told my mom later that the speed and strength I had with doing it freaked him out. Oops.

Note: He would've been doing a very controlled move; surprise is a great help to techniques.

The writer earned his first-degree black belt in March 2015. He sent this in July 2020.