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Important announcement

Every December, we close for winter break. For 2017, the last training day will be Saturday, 23 December. All classes up to that time will be held on the regular schedule.

However, unlike previous years, there will be a major change after the new year. After 27 continuous years in business - a *very* long time for a traditional martial arts school, and especially for one as unique as we are - it's time for a change. This is not a decision which was made quickly nor lightly, and a number of different things factored into it.

>>> We will be exploring other avenues to offer training, but not within the current construct. <<<

Please note: in the interim, we are still available for by-request seminars, to talk to groups, appear at local health fairs etc. Use any of the usual means to contact us to set one up: call 410 309-1988, write us from here, or contact us from our social media pages (links are to the left).